Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Qoosh Technology, Inc., (“Qoosh,” “we” “us” or “our”) collects, uses and stores information from users of its products, including but not limited to “Quilo,” a multi-tenant software-as-a-service platform that facilitates syndicated loan funding, loan origination and loan servicing of instant loans for community banks and credit unions, to provide its services (collectively “Qoosh Services”) as described in the Terms of Use.

If we ever need additional information, or need to use collected information differently than described in this Privacy Policy, we will notify you and request permission.

Information Collection and Use

Quilo does not share any information collected from you unless explicitly described in this section.

For security purposes, all information collected from you is encrypted while in transmission and at rest while stored.

To enable Qoosh Services to you, we collect, store and use your personal information as follows:

Data AttributeRetainedDescription of Use
Borrower Personal Information
Borrower NameYesThis information is required to obtain Borrower’s Credit Report from Equifax.

While Quilo collects Date of Birth and last 4 of SSN, it is being transmitted directly to Equifax to obtain the report and is not retained in the Quilo platform
Borrower AddressYes
Borrower Date of BirthNo
Borrower Last 4 Social Yes Security NumberYes
Borrower Mobile NumberYesMobile number is used for security and app use authentication purposes.
Borrower Debit Card InformationYesDebit Card of the borrower is used for Information collection of monthly loan installment payments. CVV information is not retained in Quilo, but retained by the Quilo Payment Processor partner.
Borrower Vantage Credit ScoreYesQuilo receives a credit score from Equifax Score as a soft credit check. This information is Borrower Recent Delinquency Incidents Borrower Credit Account Balances Borrower Income collected for loan decisioning at origination as well as throughout the loan term for calculation of VAR.
Borrower Recent Delinquency IncidentsYes
Borrower Credit Account BalancesYes
Borrower IncomeYes
CFI Information
CFI Legal Entity NameYesCFI legal entity information is required for contractual and reporting purposes.
CFI Headquarters AddressYes
CFI Contact NumberYes
CFI Line of Credit Account InformationYesCFI operational account details are required for daily fund movement.
CFI Loan ReceivableYes
Account Information
CFI Nostro Funding Account InformationYes
CFI Nostro Receivable Account InformationYes
CFI Authorized Users Information
CFI’s Authorized User - NameYesThis information is collected at CFI on - boarding and is used for authorized user two-factor authentication, protected data encryption key management and audit purposes.
CFI’s Authorized User - Mobile NumberYes
CFI’s Line of Credit Account DetailsYes
CFI’s User Activities in Quilo WorkspaceYesThis information is collected and stored for audit purposes.

Information Protection

We store and process data using third-party services located in data centers in the United States. While we make every effort to protect data using technical and administrative processes including data encryption in transit and at rest, data access controls and other best practices, we cannot guarantee complete protection of your personal data in case of a security breach.

If we learn of a security breach, we will take every effort to notify you about it.

Personal Information Removal

Device Identifier, phone number, your name, date of birth, any payment card information, and association with other users constitutes your Personal Information.

You can request to remove any references to your Personal Information from Qoosh Services by contacting us via privacy@qoosh.app. We will endeavor to promptly complete such requests.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy policies and practice, please contact us at contact@quilosolutions.com.