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Join the first, real-time loan syndication network of community financial institutions that helps your clients make their dreams come true.

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Meet growing demands with guaranteed liquidity

As everything becomes more expensive, your customers’ needs for financing are growing! Autos, home improvements, dental and elective medical procedures, and lo, those unexpected life events that require more money than what's available.  
Funding larger loans with longer terms increases credit concentration risk. Quilo provides guaranteed, on-demand fractional loan participation at the point of underwriting, in real time, so you can provide your customer with the financing they need while lowering your credit concentration risk.

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Open Syndication Programs

While we are working on adding new programs, the following programs are open to join or coming up soon.

Personal Installment Loans

Individual loan syndication is available for personal unsecured fixed installment loans up to $60,000 with payment terms up 72 months. The platform supports a variety of credit criteria settings at a granular level.


Home Improvement

The Quilo platform supports syndication for individual home improvement loans up to $160,000 that leverage income and residence verification as well as optional insurance in case of default.

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Unexpected Life Events

They happen to everyone. You learned that your air conditioner or heater has gone kaput and will cost over $10,000 to replace. Your most trusted auto mechanic gives you the news that your transmission is shot, but for $4,000 you can be back on the road.

PoS Finance

Quilo empowers banks and credit unions to enable their business clients to offer instant financing at the Point of Sale or Service so they can provide this much-needed product to their customers.

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Auto & RV Loans

Coming in 2023, Quilo will provide loan syndication options for both new and used autos and RVs.

Reducing Risk

Whether your financial institution originates and syndicates a loan, or participates in securing fractions of other loans to put higher earning assets on the balance sheet, your ability to stay in full control of your underwriting and participation criteria is the key.

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Your client is your client.

As you underwrite a loan for syndication with other network participants, only the borrower's personal credit related information is shared. Your customer contact information like name, address, email and phone number are not shared with other participants so you can have peace of mind. We make sure you keep and grow what’s yours.

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