PoS Finance

Quilo offers PoS finance option to its participants that allows deployment of this much-needed product through their existing small businesses.

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Easy payment plans make happy customers and better business

Provide your customers an easier way to pay for your goods and services on terms they choose that helps your bottom line.

How it works


Offer instant financing for large ticket items or services.


Your customers scan your Quilo POS Finance QR Code and complete the application on their mobile device to get approval to fund your sale.


You receive funds the next business day.

Is this for any business?

If you provide a product or service to a consumer or homeowner that costs $500 - $60,000 you can benefit from our Quilo PoS Finance program.  A few examples:

Home improvement

Veterinary Services



Spa & Wellness

Life Events





Auto Repair, Tires, Accessories

Event Planners

Don’t see your business listed? Get in touch with us to see if you are covered!

What type of financing is available?

Use the Quilo POS merchant dashboard to review sales and produce invoices.

Amount up to


Term up to

72 months

Fixed APR

6.99% and up

0% Financing May Also Be Offered

Why use PoS Financing

PoS Financing options are available for well qualified applicants.

Increase sales by up to 31%

Increase sales ticket value by up to 47%

Improve customer loyalty

Approval decision in less than 3 minutes.

Low processing fee of 1.5%(half the cost to accept credit cards)

Guaranteed funds available - next business day